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Your Spiritual Evolution Begins Here.

Elevate Your Consciousness



Working with Colleen has made all the difference in my career, marriage and even how I handle things with my children. 

Since beginning my sessions, I am able to make clearer decisions, and am less reactive to struggles in my day to day life. 

It took years of therapy to reveal what one hour with Colleen accomplished. My relationship is stronger than ever, and we are truly on the path to happiness.

Getting to know myself and my heart's truth have been the best thing to come out of my time with Colleen. I have been able to remove toxic friendships, and feel happy for the first time in many years.

Colleen saved my marriage. I really mean that. We tried EVERYTHING before seeing Colleen, and yet couldn't make it work. My husband thought I was crazy but after our couples session-he is now a firm believer. It feels like the clock has been turned back and we're so in love again!

My sessions have been the ultimate investment in myself. After raising my kids I felt lost, and not sure what of who I was anymore. It took two sessions, and I am clearer and feel more 'me' than I realized I ever could. I really thought that girl was gone for good--but now, shes back!

When my job started impacting my health, I knew it was time for a change. Colleen guided me through my options and helped me focus on getting back to my path. I just started a new job and love it! I never would have had the courage to quit just because I wasnt fulfilled-and yet here I am a year later more fulfilled than I knew I could be.

I received a session with Colleen as a gift from a friend. I had been suffering from depression after ending a long term relationship and didnt know where to turn. In just one session, I felt such peace, and let go of so much guilt and heartache. My heart started to feel whole again, and the weight was lifted off of my chest.

Colleen is like your friend who has all the right answers. I bring my list of questions, and always receive the guidance that I need. Forget the back and forth or pros and cons lists. I love working with Colleen because we get to the root of the question, and always find the best answer or direction. 

If there is only one thing you do for yourself this year-book a session. One hour can, and will change your life, your perception, your relationships and more. Really this is the stuff of angels and I am so lucky to have found Colleen!

Your Spiritual Evolution Begins Here

Dedicated time focused on your life's path, and your spiritual evolution. You deserve this.


Align. Balance. Evolve.