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About Colleen

Colleen began her journey as a healer over 20 years ago. Colleen contracted neurological lymes disease, that had moved into her brain, spinal cord and heart. She was barely walking, and relying on a four point cane to walk. With a port-a-cath in her chest and an IV based antibiotic treatment, Colleen turned to prayer and meditation to escape her chronic pain.

Colleen felt she faced the cross roads of surrender through prayer. She truly asked God to let Your will be done.  It was through her meditation that she noticed her pain would fade away while in this holy state and that she was in fact experiencing a divine intervention.

On May 29, 1999 Colleen was brought three souls during her meditation, the first being her mother, who had passed many years ago.  Since this day, Colleen’s Gift has remained.

As Colleen began test this Gift on people she didn’t know, her life force started to come back. She began to heal and started sharing her Gift to help heal others. When her health was regained, and she saw the power of her work through the transformation in her client’s lives, she realized that it was no longer about her; and she felt a responsibility to continue this work, to heal and help others.

Today, Colleen helps heal and transform the lives of clients all across the world. Her Gift is incredibly powerful, as she doesn't need to physically be with her client, she is able to connect with the Divine, as she holds her client in prayer. This connection is innately powerful, as all of the client’s loved ones line up to connect on a spiritual level.  Colleen believes since she came so close to dying she knows how to return to that quiet space of listening through prayer.  She creates that same space with her clients over the phone in her sessions to allow in the messages and energy of healing.  Clients often walk away with answers to long held questions that can finally bring peace.  

Colleen is able to see and feel the souls of the client’s loved ones, and in turn can share their messages of healing and transformation without ever meeting her clients.  Her goal is to bring healing and help her clients to evolve to a higher level of consciousness.  She is often struck by the yearning of loved ones on the other side wanting to connect with their loved ones here.  Fear is the only barrier that keeps them apart from one another.  Colleen feels there is an illusion of feeling loved ones are gone and they have left us, which is so far from the truth.  Once loved ones come through to talk about what is going on in their lives, then the illusion of separation is broken.  It’s a beautiful transformation that she feels so honored to be a part of.  

 Colleen feels that once a person heals, then their soul naturally begins to evolve.